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About Us

Central Dakota Guide Service offers some of the best pheasant hunting and walleye fishing in the world. Our region of the country provides a wealth of opportunity for those looking for a world-class pheasant hunt or walleye fishing experience! With premiere habitat including all types of food plots, native grasses, CRP plots and shelterbelts, our hunting areas produce and attract an enormous number of wild pheasants.


From 2003-2013, the population boasted a 100% success rate with plenty of birds left for the next great season. We continue to see hundreds of hen pheasants in our areas, which should make future seasons as good as ever. The majority of our hunting areas are set up to accommodate larger groups (10-20 hunters). However, we can also provide excellent hunting opportunities for groups of less than 10 hunters. Hunters are welcome to bring experienced dogs on our hunts, as they are helpful in finding birds in the dense cover.


For our fishing enthusiasts, we are located next to the beautiful Missouri River, which is arguably one of the best walleye fisheries in the world and offers unique scenic views. This includes the reservoirs of Lake Francis Case, Lake Sharpe and Lake Oahe. Regarding our credentials as guides, we have fished competitively in many professional and recreational tournaments and have been fortunate enough to enjoy many successes. With several years of experience, you will be fishing with proven guides that know the waters well. We will provide top of the line fishing equipment, and clients need not bring anything but appropriate clothing and snacks. 


Central Dakota Guide Services works cooperatively with Allen's Hillside Motel in providing first class fishing experiences.

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